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Welcome To Jazzy Cooking With Sherry

"If your hungry, learn to cook", that was what my Mother told me! My Mom was not the best cook in the world, what I really mean is she didn't like to cook. She did cook some meals for us; SPAM and beans! Honestly, she'd make us Spam and beans, a lot. And to this day I can't eat Spam. I'm sorry Hormel but it's my Mother's fault. Ok, she did cook for her family, she just didn't care for cooking and I guess that was a good thing, because if she hadn't pushed me to learn how to cook, I wouldn't be The Everyday Chef!

I will give my Mother credit for being a magnificent housekeeper and laundry lady. She would have our clothes washed within minutes it seemed. I would come in from playing outside, peel off the clothes and jump in the shower and by the time I was dressed and ready for bed, my clothes, that I was just playing in earlier, was washed, dried and laying on my bed folded! How did she do that! Mom put time in cleaning and laundry but cooking, forget it! You see, my Grandmother was a great cook so my Mom figured "why cook, Mom's doing a great job!" So guess who taught me how to cook?

Grandma could cook, that's for sure and she didn't worry about calories! Cakes, cookies, breads, meat and potatoes, fresh veggies, she did it all. We lived beside my grandparents, so I spent a lot of time at her house. Grandma taught me the secrets of piecrust rolling, how to fry potatoes, how to wilt lettuce and of course how to properly lick the cake batter off the spoon (quicker than my brother!). Grandma always had time to teach me something new in the kitchen, so between Grandmas's love of the kitchen and my Mom's lack of love for the kitchen; The Everyday Chef was created!

I love to cook for my family and friends. I started creating recipes and having my husband be my taste tester and soon one of my friends, Sharon, started coming over and being my Ginny Pig too. I have fun in the kitchen! So one thing lead to another and here I am, Jazzy Cooking with Sherry, The Everyday Chef!

I hope you enjoy our web site and learn some tips for your kitchen. Remember; Spam and Beans can help kids to grow up to be an Everyday Chef! Thanks Mom!

Sherry Schie
The Everyday Chef!

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